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Opportunities to Explore Morocco in the Spotlight


Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.  |  London, England

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With an exploration net acreage of 737 850,4 Km² and an undrilled exploration portfolio of diversified prospects, Morocco holds a vast range of exploration opportunities, offering to our partners a high level of geological diversity ranging from the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic in onshore, Mediterranean and Atlantic offshore domains.

Morocco as an emergent hydrocarbon province offers high-impact exploration opportunities across multiple play types. Various acquired seismic surveys and drilling activity in the last decades allowed to identify a wide range of play concepts and prospects and demonstrated the existence of several working hydrocarbon systems both onshore and Offshore (Atlantic and Mediterranean).

The different play concepts developed have a wide stratigraphic and geographic extension and are analogue to those identified in North Africa, Nova Scotia, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. Examples of these play concepts and more will be covered during our showcase.

ONHYM plays a major role in promoting the hydrocarbon potential of Morocco to international oil and gas companies, as we undertake strategic investments in new data acquisition and analysis at the front end of the exploration cycle, to enhance knowledge of the prospectivity of Moroccan sedimentary basins in onshore and offshore, and to increase the Kingdom global competitiveness in order to attract exploration investment.

ONHYM adapts its strategy according to oil companies’ profiles. We provide our partners with an attractive business climate and regulatory framework that encourage such investments and risks. In this respect, ONHYM is offering its partners one of the best fiscal terms worldwide and struggling to continuously improve the business climate making Morocco a destination of choice to any investor. Moreover, ONHYM provides free access to a large and a comprehensive database to its partners when signing a petroleum agreement.

Morocco has a steadily increasing economy, a stable social and political climate, excellent infrastructure facilities, but relies heavily on imports for all fossil fuels. Morocco’s energy mix is composed largely of fossil fuels. Morocco energy consumption has reached 23 million TOE in 2019, this number is expected to triple by 2030.


Karima Guernouche Onshore Department Manager, ONHYM

Redouane Hajjaj Asset Manager, ONHYM

Asmae Benarchid South Offshore Department Manager, ONHYM

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Opportunities to Explore Morocco in the Spotlight
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