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Tunisia 2021: New Trends and Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry

Tunisia – ETAP

Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 2:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m.  |  London, England

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Since the first explorationists discovered the subsurface potential in Tunisia, the country’s institutions took the role of a partner rather than only a regulator. Its historic win-win strategy was based on building knowledge to achieve equitable profitability. Different sized oil companies find interest in Tunisia despite the relatively small-sized fields. In Tunisia, Oil and Gas companies find all needed ingredients to start their exploration journey. Tunisia has a transparent and clear hydrocarbon law, flexible fiscal regime and offers various approaches to licensing and allows licensees to work with ETAP to design an optimal work program. Today, one of ETAP missions is promoting exploration opportunities in Tunisia through both regional and targeted approaches, including sharing knowledge, high-quality data and best practices. ETAP commits to supporting continued drilling activity in mature areas and encouraging/incentivizing exploitation of new and emerging plays.

Many ongoing projects add value to the already well-established infrastructure in Tunisia, among these are the Nawara and the Tataouine gas projects in the south of the country and the Gulf of Gabes gas projects in the eastern offshore. These projects would considerably reduce the production costs in these parts of the country.


Hiba Latiri Geophysicist/Data Room Coordinator

Mongi Nairi Production Direction Manager

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Tunisia 2021: New Trends and Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry
London AAPG Region Office
London, City of London
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